"When it's all said and done, I want people to look
back and be able to say there's a Brent Faiyaz
record for every single emotion, situation, and
conversation – for anything you're going through.
I want them to say, ‘You can find a song in that
catalogue for anything.’ That's what I want to be."

Since 2016, Brent Faiyaz has been steadily
ascending to R&B stardom. Now that he’s reached
the top, he’s feeling Larger Than Life. Returning
with his fourth album, with the likes of A$AP
Rocky, Missy Elliot and Timbaland, the revered
artist is taking the next step in his artistry:
curating an authentic project that will stand
the test of time. Covering our Winter 23 issue,
Faiyaz sits down with producer extraordinaire,
Swizz Beatz, to reflect on the art of maintaining
discipline in an industry that isn’t afraid to leave
you behind, grabbing a Grammy-nomination for
his first ever collaboration and his dreams of
getting into the studio with Stevie Wonder.

Photography by Ciesay-San
Styling by Toni-Blaze Ibekwe
Interview by Swizz Beatz 
Words by Erica Rana
Editorial Director Charlotte Morton
Editor in Chief Toni-Blaze Ibekwe
Senior Editor Ella Bardsley 
Editor Erica Rana 
Deputy Editor Ella West 
Creative Director Jeffrey Thomson 
Art Director Livia Vourlakidou 
Production Director Ben Crank
Producer Isabella Coleman
Production Assistant Lola Randall
Hair by Shamara Roper at Arch The Agency
Skin by Marie Reitner
Make-up by Kareem Jarché
Nails by Ella Vivii 
Model Biba Williams
Movement Director Emmanuelle Loca-Gisquet
Art Direction Assistant Beth Griffiths 
Photography Assistant Barney Rhodes
Fashion Assistants Georgina Downe, Yazmin Johnson

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Brent Faiyaz covers the Winter 2023 issue