"Well, I think you’d have to be pretty genius like
a Daniel Day-Lewis to be like, ‘Woah, you’re
completely someone else.’ I think that’s my goal
as an actor, but you know I’m only 25. I actually
had a really hard time though trying to find
similarities [with Tara] because the world
that all of these characters live in is so far
removed from what I’m used to. Tara is this
super rich, privileged girl living in this dream
that’s so detached from reality and accessibility.
I was like, how do I…I don’t even know people
who live in this world. But on the flip side, everyone
can relate in high school to the trials and tribulations
of female friendship, and caring about the quality of
your friendships or caring more about what other people
think about you. And you really see Tara struggle with
her friendship with Camila Mendes’ character Drea. When
[Drea] is going through a tough spot, Tara’s not really
there for her because she cares more about what others
might think of her. Instead of being a true friend you
see her kinda realise, ‘Oh nobody else really cared
and actually nobody else really matters, it’s about
the friendships you cultivate and that’s the most
important thing.’ I think that’s the whole purpose
of living on this planet, I would say."

With twisted high school comedy Do Revenge from
writer/director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and the
release of her upcoming A24 film, When You Finish
Saving the World,on the horizon, 25-year-old actor
Alisha Boe is finally getting the screen time she
deserves. Fresh from a trip with her best friends to
an undeclared location (for reasons of protecting it
at all costs), our Autumn/Fall 2022 cover star connects
over Zoom with one of her most nearest and dearest
– actor Gideon Adlon. They talk privilege, progression
and the power of karma… 

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Alisha Boe wears Fendi

Photography by Rhys Frampton
Fashion by Toni-Blaze Ibekwe
Interview by Gideon Adlon
Words by Ella Bardsley
Makeup by Kenneth Soh at The Wall Group
Hair by Ken O' Rourke at Premier Hair and Makeup
Nails by Edyta Betka at Agency of Substance 
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Editor Ella Bardsley
Deputy Editor Scarlett Baker
Cover Design by Livia Vourlakidou, Aparna Aji
Senior Producer Federica Barletta
Photo Assistant Josh Showell
Fashion Assistants Yasmin Williams, Naomi Odia

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Alisha Boe In Fendi Wonderland Autumn/Fall 22