“I think in all of [Payne’s] movies, he’s looking
for real people and not wanting [them] to seem
like an actor or a celebrity, which I think is why
he really liked me. He had a look in his mind [for
Angus] and there's something about my hair and
I had these crazy sideburns in high school.
Maybe he was just in a good mood the day he
saw my tape or something. You never know
what it is. It really does come down to those
moments, the stars having to align in a perfect

Before being cast in director Alexander Payne’s
emphatically acclaimed, ‘70s boarding school-set
flick, Dominic had never stepped in front of the
gaze of the camera. Now, his debut role as
teenage troublemaker Angus Tully in the BAFTA
and Golden Globe winning comic-drama, The
Holdovers, has quickly made Dominic Sessa
Hollywood’s new golden boy. Covering our Spring
24 issue, he talks working with legendary actor
Paul Giamatti, his unsual casting process and
planning his next move.

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Dominic Sessa covers the Spring 2024 issue