Emilio Sakraya has been in front of the camera since he was nine years old, and his
latest project, Netflix’s manga-inspired series Warrior Nun, has brought him to the
brink of stardom he’s always dreamt of. 

Next he’s set to star in another Netflix show, Tribes of Europa, which takes us to a
post-apocalyptic world in 2070, as well as an upcoming Til Schweiger movie. If that
wasn’t enough to keep the 24-year-old busy, he’s also been putting out music and
just dropped his debut album, Roter Sand. “What I really love about doing music is
that it is the exact opposite of being an actor. With my music, I am the director and
the writer and everything is centred around my own personal experiences, thoughts
and feelings,” he tells us in our Autumn issue. “As an actor in the spotlight, people
can forget that I am also just a human. That’s why it’s always been very important to
me to be transparent and real in my music.” 

Looking to the future, Sakraya ruminates his real life right now, his values and his
definition of success beyond the accolades and accomplishments of his career: “I
would love to just find my wifey and move somewhere close to the ocean… I used to
dream of being a famous star, but recently I’ve discovered that, for me, the journey is
the goal. Continuing to do what I love every day, that’s the dream.” 

Photography by Marius Knieling
Fashion by Peninah Amanda 
Hair and Makeup by Kristin Belger
Words by Anya Cooper
Cover design Olivia Woodgate
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Photography Assistant Ruben Schmitz.

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