Fin Argus wears LIMITATO X Ellen Von Unwerth

“I’m an AMAB person and I have always been
socialised to wear men's clothes, but over
the last few years, I’ve been exploring past
that...I don't particularly identify with the
gender binary. I definitely feel like my truth
exists outside of that, and I'm honestly not
too interested in figuring it out. It feels like
a moving target. I could try to place my
finger on it but by the time my finger lands,
it'll be somewhere totally different. So, I'm
not particularly interested in trying to put a
label on it. I just wear what I want to wear.
I am exactly who I am at any given moment
and it's fun to feel that freedom and

Moving on from his breakout role in Clouds,
Fin Argus is mapping out the next steps of
his career as an actor, musician, producer
and director. Covering our Summer 2021
issue, the multi-hyphenate star talks 
self-expression, turning his back on the
gender binary and why he’s so much more
than the boy-next-door.

Special Limitato
Shot by Ellen von Unwerth 
Starring Fin Argus, Elah Garcia, and Hailey Carlson 
Styled by Jules Wood 
Set desginer Evan Jourden
Hair by Sami Knight
Makeup by Lilly Keys
Nails by Naoko 
1st assistant Tutu Lee 
Digital Operator Daniel Calderon 
Videographer Alex Seiler 
Produced by Erica Cornwall for Revel Collective
Special thanks The Chateau Marmont 
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