Grace Van Patten wears HUBLOT
"I want to try everything. That’s kind of my
mindset in life – maybe minus a few things.
I would love to cast a wider net in this business
beyond acting and try directing and writing. I
find it so inspiring especially when women
are in those roles. They are the people who
I look up to in this business, like Nicole
Kidman, who is just carving the way for
young actresses, aspiring directors,
filmmakers, writers and producers.
That is something I admire so much.”

2021 is undoubtedly Grace Van Patten’s
year. She currently stars alongside Nicole
Kidman in Amazon Prime's/Hulu's hit new
series Nine Perfect Strangers – a perfect
cocktail of intrigue, serenity, and insanity,
laced with a sinister undertone for good
measure – with it’s multi-faceted mastery
and various narratives leaving you
wondering whether it's a twisted dark
comedy or deluded love story, or maybe
even both. The emotional minefield may
make for one exceptionally gripping drama,
but it proves a challenge to define. Luckily,
Van Patten has just the right word to sum
the series up: “Un-pre-dictable!” But her
meteoric rise doesn't stop there. Soon,
she’ll be playing the lead in Hulu’s new
series Tell Me Lies. And having already
confirmed a feature in Karen Cinorre’s
independent film Mayday, releasing
October 1st, it’s becoming progressively
apparent that this is Van Patten’s world.
We’re just living in it.

Covering our Autumn 2021 issue, this
Hollywood next-gen star gets candid
about working alongside the series'
famous cast, having difficulty shedding
her character, and how she’s ready to
try everything.

Photography by Christine Hahn
Styled by Ryan Young
Hair by Blake Erik at Forward Artists
Makeup by Tyron Machhausen at The Wall Group
Styling Assistant Elena Lark
Art Director Olivia Woodgate
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther

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Grace Van Patten covers WONDERLAND FALL 2021 ISSUE