Grace Van Patten wears HUBLOT watch and Chanel fashion
"The group scenes were the most fun I've ever
had on set. Everyone is hilarious and then they
are all able to just snap into it and deliver the
most amazing performance you've ever seen.”

Based on Liane Moriarty’s 2018 novel, the
highly-anticipated Amazon Prime/Hulu television
series, Nine Perfect Strangers, sees
Grace Van Patten steal the spotlight as
Hollywood's next darling. Starring alongside
a star-studded cast including Nicole Kidman,
Samara Weaving, Melissa McCarthy, and
Luke Evans, Grace Van Patten play Zoe Marconi,
a reserved 20-year-old who attends the
wellness resort, Tranquillum House, alongside
her parents following the death of her twin
brother three years prior. What follows is a
twisted dark story that delves into the traumas
of each guest's slowly surfacing secrets.
It's unmissable, and so is Van Patten's stellar

Covering our Autumn 2021 issue, Nine Perfect
Strangers' break out actor star gets candid
about working alongside the series' famous
cast, having difficulty shedding her character,
and how she’s ready to try everything.

Photography by Christine Hahn
Styled by Ryan Young
Hair by Blake Erik at Forward Artists
Makeup by Tyron Machhausen at The Wall Group
Styling Assistant Elena Lark
Art Director Olivia Woodgate
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
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Grace Van Patten wearing Hublot covers WONDERLAND FALL 2021 ISSUE