“I think it’s the way my subconscious depicts
the feeling of emotional vertigo. Internally
there’s a lot of turmoil and reflection, and
everything else around me feels like it’s
spinning, it feels grand and a lot to be lost in.
I was drawn to building these songs that have a
big journey and scale because I was
desperately trying to feel something at this time
of writing. I think I felt pretty numb in the last
two years, and within the songwriting it’s like I
was trying to build these grand, cinematic
sounds to evoke some emotion out of myself.” 

Amidst coveted Taylor Swift co-signs and Brit
Award triumphs, 23-year-old Griff’s arena-built
Pop anthems are swirling to global heights; it’s
giving vertigo. As she gears up to take her
biggest artistic plunge to date - her debut
album - she covers our Summer 2024 issue,
taking a moment to reflect on small-town
England, the dichotomy of success, navigating
the music industry’s marvellous maze, and the
creative process behind her forthcoming
inaugural studio record.

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Photography by Benjamin Hampson
Styling by Kamran Rajput
Words by Ben Tibbits
Hair by Charlotte Mensah
Make-up by Michelle Dacillo
Styling assistants Courtney English and Clara Gröning

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Griff covers Wonderland's Summer issue 2024