"I'll never forget when I auditioned for the
Coen Brothers for True Grit – I was so
serious. I was so prepared, I was so ready
for that moment. I walked in, and I'm doing
a couple scenes and they were rather
serious scenes…I'm doing my thing, I'm
feeling really good about how it's going
until I start to hear Joel and Ethan laugh.
They're just giggling at what I'm doing
and I'm obviously keeping to [the scene],
but I'm thinking to myself, this is not
supposed to be funny! It wasn't until
then, or even after I did the film, that I
realised I do have this comedic… I don't
know if it's timing or this sense of playing
through tragic circumstances with a built-in
comic relief, and I'm able to touch on that
as well."

Now starring in Disney+’s Hawkeye alongside
the Avenger’s resident archer, Clint Barton,
played by Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld
takes on the role of Kate Bishop, Barton’s
archery-savvy protégé who dreams of
becoming a certified Avenger herself. And
despite her entrance to the Marvel universe
being a daunting new venture for the
infectiously charismatic actor, playing a
radical heroine is something she’s certainly
used to. The third and final season of Dickinson,
in which Steinfeld plays the empowering female 
poet, Emily Dickinson, and serves as executive
producer, has also hit the screens for the last
time. So what makes Steinfeld so undeniably
sought-after on-screen and celebrated
off-screen? Her irresistible humour, according
to Woody Harrelson.

Covering our Winter 2021 issue, actor,
musician, and producer Hailee Steinfeld
connects with her former Edge of Seventeen 
co-star, Woody Harrelson, to chat jumping
from the 1850s to the Marvel Cinematic
Universe and her uncanny comedic timing...

Hailee Steinfeld wears Omega

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Hailee Steinfeld in WONDERLAND WINTER 2021 ISSUE