"I think [going on tour] is the plan. Next year, to
do a proper string of dates and hopefully do it
right and spend all this time and energy working
on something that I've never really been able to
before [...] To be able to do it properly and with
the right infrastructure would be really cool for
me, selfishly, but then I also think it would be
really cool for fans and people who have been
listening to this music. It's something I've been
thinking about for a long time. I think that it would
be a nice way to reset, also from Stranger Things
ending. So yeah, that's where my head's at right
now and we'll kind of see what else pops up.
You’re no stranger to this industry, anything can
happen. Anything changes on the dime. So you
can plan as much as you want, but at the end of
the day, I think the current will take you where
it's meant to take you."

He's gone from the Upside Down's poster boy
battling Demogorgons to a budding Indie-Pop
god with newfound virality – still Stranger Things
have happened. Now, with the cult Sci-Fi
phenomenon in his periphery, Wonderland's
Summer 2024 cover star – Joe Keery – is setting
his sights on the future. His plan? Not to have
one – he tells his Fargo co-star Jon Hamm.

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Photography by Ben Rayner
Styling by Nicholas Mackinnon
Interview by Jon Hamm
Words by Ella Bardsley
Grooming by Laila Hayani
Special thanks to the Civilian NYC

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Joe Keery covers Wonderland's Summer issue 2024