“Navigating the public side of [fame] has been
a challenge for potentially obvious reasons.
Sometimes I’m like, followed home in my car, and
I have to dodge or speed around corners to lose
them. There are some different safety things that
can be scary. [The past couple of years] have
been the darkest time of my life, hands down.
It’s been hard. I can’t really sugarcoat it. But
ultimately, it’s making me and has made me who
I am so far. So I try to focus more on that and
how I can grow instead of falling down the rabbit
 hole of shame and fear. It is a lot, but I think I’m
just getting my bearings and feet back on the
ground and learning how to stand up. And it’s
beyond worthwhile when I have somebody at
one of my shows holding up a sign saying,
‘You saved my life.’ I don’t take responsibility
for that, but the idea that something I said or
put out or did was able to give someone hope
for a minute is ultimately far, far, far more
worthwhile than worrying about some trolls on Twitter.”

Joshua Bassett’s induction as an international
celebrity has been testing, to say the least.
However, the High School Musical: The Musical:
The Series star is reclaiming his narrative via
music. Covering our Winter 2022 issue, he talks
channelling honesty into his work, his fourth
season on the Disney+ show, living life impulsively,
and embracing the messiness of TikTok.

Joshua wears Shirt by ISNURH and Jacket by Braydon Alexander

Photography by Juan Veloz
Fashion by Toni-Blaze Ibekwe
Words by Andrew Wright
Grooming by Christine Nelli at Kalpana
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Editor Ella Bardsley
Production Director Ben Crank
Production Assistant Isabella Coleman
Fashion Assistants Yasmin Willams, Tazhae Stanley, Frankie Benkovic 

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Joshua Bassett Wonderland Winter 22