“I really am at the point in my career where I
want to take control of what I put out creatively
and I really want to produce. I think that’s
something that I’ve been terrified of. It was
another kind of barrier that I thought was only
for successful old white men, you know? They
are producers, you are the actor...The amount
of experience that we have just being on a set
is crazy compared to most. The years that
we’ve put in, if we were pilots or surgeons, we’d
be like, [mocking old voice] ‘Oh I’ve been doing
this for 18 years.’ I want to be in that role. I want
to bring creative people together. I want to
champion females. I want to champion the
working class. I just want to find people that are
on the outskirts of the industry that are cool and
that have good ideas and bring them together
and try to make something.”

Since bagging the role of Effy Stonem at the
age of 14, Kaya Scodelario’s tenacity has got her
places. From gritty to gruelling, her indelible
performances have made her a household
name – with her new role in Guy Ritchie’s The
Gentlemen pulling her back into the buzz. But
Kaya’s complexity also lies in her desire to
unpick Hollywood’s fabric. Covering our Spring
24 issue, her Skins co-star and long-time friend,
actor Nicholas Hoult, finds out why.

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Kaya Scodelario covers the Spring 2024 issue wearing Graff