"I want the kids to understand that's what it
takes. I need them to understand that there's
more than just being the person in front of the
camera and, yes, when you want to get stuff
done, you have to be the one to do it. So I'd
love to explore even more, having the possibility
to train, do writing camps or teach kids about
production so they know that there's other
jobs out there in the entertainment industry
that don't involve them being a workhorse.
I say that as kindly as I can because I am
one of those workhorses. I’ve been working
for 20 years and I love it but I don't necessarily
want that to be the path that everybody has
got to take. I want the next generation to be
able to understand how to make a difference,
how to make an impact and how to be
influential behind-the-scenes and in
these other positions of power rather
than just being someone that people
look at to make them laugh, or to make
them cry, or to make them feel something.
Then the other side of that is also, you know,
all the original Intellectual Property that we
have the opportunity to create here.
Ultimately, KeyTV is driven by EDE,
which is entertainment, democratisation
and education – that's what we want to bring."

It’s Keke Palmer’s world, we’re just living in
it! Riding the wave of Director Jordan Peele's
Nope, the actor and internet personality has
set her sights on making an even bigger impact
behind-the-scenes with the launch of her digital
platform, KeyTV. Covering our Winter 22 issue
, she has a kiki with Issa Rae to tell us why she
launched her new project and how she dreams
of starting her own family.

Keke Palmer wears Louis Vuitton

Photography by Max Montgomery
Fashion by Toni Blaze Ibekwe
Interview by Issa Rae
Hair by Miles Jeffries at The Wall Group
Makeup by Jordana David
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Editor Ella Bardsley
Art Director Livia Vourlakidou and Aparna Aji
Production Director Ben Crank
Production Assistant Isabella Coleman
Photography Assistant Alex Moura
Styling Assistant Yasmin Williams
Special Thanks to MSA Studios 

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Keke Palmer Wonderland Winter 22