Little Simz wears Bottega Veneta

Interview by Zeze Millz 

“ I haven't even scraped the surface in my mind.
I'm so hungry to continue to push and reach great

By 21-years-old, actor, musician, and
self-proclaimed introvert Little Simz had already
written and released four mixtapes, five EPs,
and an album on her own self-established label
Age 101. For her upcoming fourth album, she
shut down the Natural History Museum to film
the music video for debut single “Introvert,”
simultaneously self-directed and starred in
another titled “Woman,” and convinced The
Crown’s Emma Corrin to voice her interludes.
And even though her third album Grey Area,
won Best Album at both the 2020 Ivor Novello
Awards and the NME Awards, Simz still believes
she’s overlooked – and rightly so. Drake,
Kendrick Lamar, Lauryn Hill, and more are united
in their unwavering praise for the lyrical maverick.
Her loyal fans compare her to ‘Picasso with a
pen’ because of her incomparable and academically
savvy bars. But for all the innate power of her lyrics
and what she stands for, Simz undeniably deserves
more recognition. Perhaps her introversion does
separate her from explosive mainstream success
– not that topping the charts is especially on her
agenda. Or simply put, it’s more difficult to make
it as a woman in the male-saturated world of rap.
Either way, this is something she’s still trying to
figure out. But one thing’s for certain: her new
album bulldozes any barriers she’s previously
built to protect herself from the masses. Ahead
of the release of her most honest album to date,
she opens up to Zeze Millz about being overlooked
in the industry, doing things her own way, and how
she defines success by becoming 100% her
‘ultimate self’.

Photographed by Ethan Hart
Styled by Toni-Blaze Ibekwe
Hair by Chantelle Fuller 
Makeup by Nibras
Special thanks to YOUR LDN STUDIO
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Art Director Olivia Woodgate
Styling Assistant Anastasia Busch
Styling Intern Carmel Anderson

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