13 The Calvi Maquis around Midnight


Every summer we try to go to Corsica for few days… when we’re there, we don’t know why, we just feel free… Nature fragrances there are so powerful … The maquis smell at midnight is amazing… it just opens your mind.

Lola James Harper is a story of places, friends, artists and families ... The ultra-figurative fragrances dive into the world of musicians, photographers, writers, comedians, DJ, around Lola James Harper. The candle collection is a series of fragrances places where these friends meet to compose, palaver, create or just relax and dream ...

Vegetable + mineral wax
50 hours burn time - keeping the wick at 0.5cm
Amber glass votive
Cotton wick
190g, 7.5cm diameter 
Boxed and cellophane-wrapped
Made in France

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Lola James Harper - The Calvi Maquis around Midnight