Lori Harvey 
"I think there's an overall misconception
about me in general, so I'm excited to
finally take control of my narrative and
let people really get to know me."

From modelling for some of fashion’s
biggest brands to posting candid
snapshots with actor-boyfriend,
Michael B. Jordan, on her carefully
curated Instagram page, the daughter
of comedian Steve Harvey – despite
her public persona – is a notoriously
private person. When rumours circulate
about the mysterious Harvey, she
brushes them off with ease. Mostly, by
simply not engaging. Firstly, because
these stories deserve no attention. But
secondly because Harvey is so much
more than who she dates. “I usually try
to just ignore it,” the model, both
effortlessly warm and engaging, shares
during her early morning Zoom. “I feel
like the comments section on social
media tends to be like a breeding ground
for negativity. So I just try to avoid it
altogether to, you know, maintain my peace.”

Covering our Autumn 2021 issue, Harvey
sits down with Hollywood’s makeup mogul,
Cassandra Grey, to discuss her highly-anticipated
skincare line SKN by LH, taking control of her
own narrative, and how she’s ready to put
any misconceptions about her to bed.

Lori Harvey wears COACH and The Rogue Bag

Photography by Blair Caldwell
Styled by Toni-Blaze Ibekwe
Words by Cassandra Grey
Hair by Ray Christopher
Makeup by Diana Shin
Fashion Assistants Simona Williams,
Amanda Leigh, Anissa Silvas and
Angela Gutierrez
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
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Lori Harvey covers WONDERLAND FALL 2021 ISSUE