“With remembering someone like Amy, there is
a tendency towards the tragedy, because it
was so shocking and so hard to watch. But the
reason that we were all there in the first place
was because there was a woman who had an
incredible talent and an incredible capacity to
capture everyone's attention… If people walk
out of the cinema and feel slightly closer to
that effervescence and a strength in her,
rather than her as a victim, then I think that
Sam has done what she set out to do with
this film.”

Portraying Amy Winehouse would be a huge
undertaking for any actor, but for Industry’s
Marisa Abela, it was her biggest role to date.
Covering our Summer 24 issue in Chanel
following the release of the Back to Black
biopic, she reflects on becoming the icon and
humanising the amazing woman behind the

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Marisa Abela covers Wonderland's Summer issue 2024