MAYA JAMA on the cover of our Autumn/Fall 2020 Issue 

“I definitely think I’m resilient… Sometimes I surprise myself,
because there’s been a few times I feel like oh my God, this
is the end of the world — and then it’s not the end of the
world. And then I’m back.”

With a loud, unapologetic approach to life and Leo energy always,
Maya Jama has carved out a space in the media industry that’s
unequivocally her own. Covering our Autumn issue, the presenter
and actor talks moving at a million miles an hour, taking
every opportunity she can and refusing to limit herself in any way. 

From her recent stint co-hosting BBC One’s Peter Crouch: Save
Our Summer, to her first major role in Katherine Ryan's new Netflix
series The Duchess and a new line of face masks in the works,
Jama reflects on the rapid rate her career is expanding and how
she’s learned to adapt to the invasion of privacy it brings. Looking
back on the various hardships she’s overcome in life, she explains
why speaking out about her experiences has been imperative to
owning her narrative, and how she’s let go of self-doubt to come
into her own.

MAYA JAMA wearing Omega and Bvlgari 
Photography Bartek Szmigulski
Fashion by Toni-Blaze
Hair by Anastasia Stylianou
Makeup by Grace Macartney
Nails by Edyta Betka
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Words by Rosie Byers
Fashion Assistant Anastasia Busch
Thanks to The Mandrake Hotel

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