"I felt like there was definitely a lack of role
models, especially in the UK...I feel like the
earliest time when I actually thought, ‘Yeah,
I see myself. I feel like I can do this,’ was when
I watched Top Boy and Kidulthood. Top Boy
was obviously a series that I ended up doing
later in my career anyway. But when I watched
it, I was like these people talk like me, they look
like me, they feel like me, and they haven't
changed away from that. I can definitely relate
to these people and when you relate to something,
then it becomes more believable. It was definitely
hard to find role models, I feel like my role models
are still very much American. Like I told you, I still
hate that you done Graham Norton with Kevin Hart
but he is someone that I use as a role model in
order to believe that this is something that I can
do. I'm advocating for being that inspiration to the
youth, not only just for the youth. I do want to inspire
people that are older than me, and stuff like that.
But for me, it's about supporting the next generation
in believing that they can be someone great."

Micheal Ward is Hollywood’s new top boy. Starring
alongside Olivia Colman as Stephen in Sam Mendes’
Empire of Light, the 25-year-old actor shines in one
of his best performances yet. Covering our Winter
22 issue, he reunites with Olivia Colman to discuss
the alchemy of on-screen excellence, what success
means to him and representation on screen.

Micheal Ward wears Louis Vuitton

Photography by Buzz White at One Represents
Fashion by Toni Blaze Ibekwe
Interview by Olivia Colman
Grooming by Eyesha Yates
Barber Jose Figura
Set Builder George Lewin
Set Build Assistants Tash Middletitch, Anna Minchell and Casta Cullen
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Editor Ella Bardsley
Art Director Livia Vourlakidou
Production Director Ben Crank
Production Assistant Isabella Coleman
Production Intern Frankie Baumer
Photography Assistants Jack Snell and Freddie Hare
Styling Assistant Yasmin Williams
Fashion Intern Jess Miller 

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Micheal Ward Wonderland Winter 22