Mimi Keene
"It's definitely been an emotional
thing for me because I feel like it's
something I've been waiting to be
able to do with her over the past
two seasons. There are still funny
bits in there, but this is a completely
new thing for this character so I've
really enjoyed it."

See Mimi Keene and you likely think
of the character she’s been playing
for the past three years: Ruby
Matthews, the de facto head of the
Untouchables in Netflix’s global hit
show Sex Education. Deadpan,
impeccably dressed – and in Otis’
words “terrifying” – she’s the
ultimate high school mean girl. In
the first two seasons, we only
briefly glimpse past Ruby’s perfectly
constructed façade. For example,
when she mentioned that her dad
was suffering with MS, before
hurriedly changing the subject back
to her eyebrows. She is Sex Education’s 
one main character that we really
know nothing about, and yet Mimi
has managed to make her character
so intriguing. Constantly hinting that
there is more beneath her perfectly
polished surface, the show’s dedicated
viewers have long been desperate to
know more. Season 3, released on
Netflix today, will satisfy that demand.
We’ll finally see Ruby take the spotlight
under which she can no longer hide her
vulnerabilities, inner-world, and
less-than-perfect home life. 

Covering our Autumn 2021 issue, Keene
discusses Ruby’s new trajectory in 
Sex Education, why she thinks her character
is relatable to anyone with an Instagram
account, and the value in keeping things private. 

Mimi Keene wears Valentino and Omega 

Photography by Bartek Szmigulski
Styled by Toni-Blaze Ibekwe
Words by Octavia Akoluitchev
Hair by Asahi Sano at Caren
Makeup by James O'Riley at Premier Hair and Makeup
Nails by Ella Burgess
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther

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