“I was playing outside one day and there was
a tricycle in the driveway. Me being a young,
hyper, curious kid, I jumped on it. I’m riding
around the driveway, and tried to lock up the
front wheel and the back of the tricycle span
around. My older cousin saw it happen, said it was
cool, and to do it again around some cones. I
started to do these drifts, and excitement
and joy rushed through me. I instantly fell in
 love with bike riding. It was such an important,
special moment for me, especially looking back
at my life now that the bicycle has been such
a powerful tool throughout my life. So we decided
to use the story as inspiration for both of the

Nigel Sylvester has been cruising towards
prosperity since his feet first touched the pedals.
Now, with two Air Jordan 4RM collaborations set
to break the internet later this summer, and
philanthropic endeavours reaching new heights
of impact, his enduring influence continues to
extend beyond the handlebars. Covering our
Summer 2024 issue, the BMX phenomenon
discusses falling in love with his mechanical
companion, shares the inspiration behind his
forthcoming sneaker drop, and details the art
of polymathy.

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Nigel wears Jordan Brand

Photography by Myles Loftin
Styling by London Wilmot
Words by Ben Tibbits
Grooming by Camillo Guerra

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Nigel Sylvester covers Wonderland's Summer issue 2024