Phoebe Bridgers 
"Actually, music is maybe my one
un-self-conscious, unselfish act. I
just know what I want all the time
in a way that I don't ever in any other

It’s been a weird year: after dropping
her globally acclaimed second album, 
Punisher, last summer, Bridgers
rocketed into a new echelon of our
collective cultural consciousness that
includes four Grammy nominations
and her own label, Saddest Factory
Records (an imprint of Dead Oceans.)
But debuting a major album during
an international pandemic meant that
until this fall’s upcoming tour, this
shift has meant little more than numbers
on a screen and some extra PR packages.
It was just her birthday—Phoebe’s a Leo,
duh—and we’re trying to figure out which
present would make for the best unboxing.
There’s a tower of mystery boxes and a
stroller for her pug, Maxine, which is
actually really thoughtful. 

Covering our Autumn 2021 issue,
singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers
sits down with Aiden Arata to chat
noughties culture, the struggles of
procrastination and what making music
means to her.

Photography by Brad Torchia
Styling by Tess Herbert
Words by Aiden Arata
Hair by Anthony Cress
Makeup by Leah Carmichael
Styling Assistant Kaamilah Thomas
Art Director Olivia Woodgate
Editor Ella Bardsley
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther

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Phoebe Bridgers covers WONDERLAND FALL 2021 ISSUE