KJ APA Covers: Rollacoaster Magazine Autumn 2019

Talent: KJ Apa at Storm LA
Photography: Bartek Szmigulski
Fashion: Warren Alfie Baker
Words: Willa Bennett 
Grooming: Christine Nelli at The Wall Group 
Production: Michael Eland
Cover design: Olivia Woodgate
Editorial Director: Huw Gwyther
Special thanks to: Oliver Trevena, The Record Parlour, Red 11 and Luber Roklin Entertainment
There’s more to KJ Apa than his on-screen character in  Riverdale. Since first appearing as golden boy Archie Andrews in the show back in 2017, he’s been not only learning about himself, but the world around him too. All the way from New Zealand, the 22-year-old actor speaks with Willa Bennett about his ever-evolving relationship to the arts, life outside of the show and where he’s headed next for the AW19 issue of Rollacoaster.


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KJ APA Covers Rollacoaster Magazine Autumn 2019