STEVE LACY interviewed by HARRY STYLES covers Man About Town: 2019, Chapter II 

Steve Lacy is a rare creative talent. Having been nominated for a Grammy in his teens, and on the back of a critical acclaimed album this year, the young star and ‘The Internet’ member talks to Harry Styles about hanging out with his fans, being a political presence, and what his favourite loafer (yep, loafer) would look like. Hint: no tassles.

Man About Town: 2019, Chapter II is available to buy now.


Steve Lacy wears Louis Vuitton
Photography - Jacqueline Harriet
Fashion - Jake Sammis
Interview - Harry Styles
Words - Francesco Loy Bell
Grooming - Karo Kangas at Lowe and Co using Kosas
Set Design - Lauren Machen
Producers - Meagan Judkins & Samantha Silvers at Fox and Leopard
Video - Cara Friedman
Special thanks to Edge Studios & Grip Los Angeles
Editorial Director - Huw Gwyther
Producer - Federica Barletta
Art Director - Joe McCrae
Editor - Francesco Loy Bell

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STEVE LACY covers Man About Town 2019, Chapter II