"I'd really love a spin-off series of Stranger Things
where they're just doing normal day to day activities
[laughs]...I want to see Dustin shopping for groceries.
I'd love to see them not have to deal with all the crazy
supernatural stuff. So I guess to answer your question,
I hope she gets to be a real human for once."

There's something about Sadie! In the past year,
she’s wrapped filming season four of Stranger Things
(with a captivating performance that proves she’s
one of the best actors of her generation), taken on
the role of Ziggy in Fear Street, and broken the internet
in Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” short film. So, anyone that
sidelined Sink’s trajectory to solely Stranger Things was
catastrophically wrong. But what is next for Sadie Sink?
Perhaps she’ll return to the stage, perhaps she’ll write a
film. Or, perhaps she’ll take some time off fighting
supernatural forces and play, simply, Sadie Sink for
a change. Who better to unearth the truth than her
brother, Mitchell Sink. With whom, her whole acting
career first started. Covering our Summer 2022 issue,
Hawkins’ resident cool girl – Sadie Sink – tells her
brother what it’s really like growing up with demogorgons
and dizzying fame.

Sadie Sink wears Chanel in conversation with her brother Mitchell Sink.

Photography by Shayne Laverdière
Fashion by Britt McCamey
Interview by Mitchell Sink
Words by Ella Bardsley
Hair by Tommy Buckett at Tracey Mattingly
Make-up by Quinn Murphy at The Wall Group
Editorial & Creative Director Huw Gwyther
Art Director Jeffrey Thomson
Production Director Morgane Millot
Photo Assistant Jonathan Pivovar
Fashion Assistants Kendall Meleski, Ying Chu, Abby Depass
Flowers by Flowerpsycho
Assistant Designer Lily Pichon Flannery
Production Assistant Kai Roberts
Special thanks to The Peninsula Hotel

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