Saweetie wears Coach Interviewed by Paris Hilton

"It's exciting! I feel like the competition is
healthy, and I think it is important to have
it. [The female rap scene] is growing
because of social media. We’ve proved
that we don't need to co-sign. We’ve
proved that we don't need gatekeepers
to say if our music is hot or not because
we've proved that we are able to curate
our own fan bases who [remain]
supportive on a good day or a bad day
– without the gatekeepers' approval.
The Internet has definitely opened up
that door."

If you’d asked us five years ago who the
queen of social media was, all eyes would
have been fixated on the Kylie Jenners and
Kim Kardashians of the world. But in a
year where fan interaction has been limited,
Saweetie – between episodes on ‘How To
Bag an 8 Figure Man’ for her hit YouTube
Series ‘Icy University,’ self-starring memes,
and hypnotically glamorous selfies – has
started to cement her place at the top. 

Currently boasting 11.6 million followers
on Instagram alone, the Bay Area-raised
rapper – born Diamonté Harper –
kick-started her career with short
freestyles in the front of her car, quickly
blowing up with the release of her 2017
single “ICY GIRL.” Now, with various
singles dominating the airways, two
party-ready EPs, and “Pretty Summer
Playlist: Season 1” teasing the
Saweetie-dominating summer ahead,
she's back with her highly-anticipated
debut album, Pretty Bitch Music.

Covering our summer issue, the breakout
artist and savvy business mogul creating
a legacy beyond her music speaks to
friend and OG internet queen, Paris Hilton,
on manifesting success, shutting out the
gatekeepers and the inspiration behind
her new album.

Photography by Thom Kerr
Styling by Toni-Blaze & Danasia Sutton 
Makeup by Aime Ramirez
Hair by Adrianne Michelle 
Art Direction by Emily Jones
Art Assistant Jovita Lee
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Movement Choreographer Ryan Walker Page
Production Director Sam Geroldi
Production by Louise Baretto
Photography Assistant Jeffrey Fountain 
Shot at Studio 106

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