Shawn Medes covers: Rollacoaster Magazine Fall/Winter 2021 Issue

Photographer: Max Montgomery
Fashion Direction: Gorge Villalpando
Entertainment Director + Producer: Erica Cornwall
Groomer: Anna Bernabé at The Wall Group
Styling: Tiffany Briseno
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther

Digital Tech: Aladdin Islim
Lighting Assistants: Thomas Patton and Daniel Byun
Fashion Coordinators: Anissa Silvas and Britt Frascht 
Fashion Assistants: Bree Banuelos and Nash Koshiro 

A very special thanks to @Mav_farm and @lost.show_w
Location thanks to Jack Joseph Puig and Linda Mathis 

Thank you:
@BoitedeLuxe_ @Erewhonmarket @Flow water @PukkaHerbs @beverlyhillslingerie @Hukitchen @coppercowcoffee @foragerproject  @krupaconsulting @rabotworld @Taika @polaroid 
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Shawn Mendes covers Rollacoaster Magazine Fall/ Winter 2021