Simone Ashley
“With Bridgerton, it’s much more intense
than Sex Education in the sense that if
I’m not filming, I’m horse riding, training
or in rehearsals. I’m in accent training or
I’m in a fitting. I’ve never really worn a
corset before, so that took some getting
used to! My body definitely changed a
little bit wearing it and that kind of
changed my posture a lot to suit the
era. Horse riding... I’ve never really
ridden before. I rode once, years ago,
but I did some intense training for
that and it turns out I’m a natural at
it so that’s a great thing!”

It wasn’t easy to pin down Ashley for
our interview. And it’s understandable
really, knowing that she’s soon to
become one of the most talked-about
actresses on our screens. Only a few
months ago, whispers of Ashley
started rumbling across the internet.
Her face quickly started appearing
across Twitter and Instagram. Articles
that tried to tell you ‘everything you
need to know about Simone Ashley’
became suggested reads for TV lovers.
Why? Because in a landmark move
for the 26-year-old actor, the news
broke that Ashley would be taking
on her next role as Kate Sharma - the
fiery, headstrong, and grounded new
female lead of Bridgerton.   

After landing the lead role in Netflix's
most-watched original series, the
actor everyone wants to know covers
our Autumn 2021 issue and discusses
the early days of her career, playing
Kate Sharma, and everything it took
to get to where she is today.

Simone Ashley wears CHANEL

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Simone Ashley covers WONDERLAND FALL 2021 ISSUE