“I was studying debut albums and wanting to
make an impact. I think you can hear how
grandiose it is but at the end of the day it’s just
album number one. It’s a snapshot to where I
was from when I discovered music all the way
up until when I was like this is the album. It was
about making that first impression, extending
my hand and saying: I’m Teezo Touchdown.”
With last year’s debut album How Do You Sleep
At Night? greeted by ardent critical acclaim, a
features list that boasts Drake, Travis Scott and
Tyler, the Creator, and an incepting headline tour
forthcoming, Teezo Touchdown is well on his
way to global stardom. He may look like no one
else and sound like no one else, but at the core,
he is a champion of the people. Covering our
Spring 24 issue wearing HUGO BLUE, he talks
fear, learning from the industry’s finest, and his
seminal new record.
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Teezo wears HUGO BLUE.

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Teezo Touchdown covers the Spring 2024 issue wearing HUGO